Chemical Name Zinc Dialkylphosphorodithiloate
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Application 1. Used as secondary accelerator together with sulfenamide,thiazole,thiuram,carbamate and guanidine in the sulfur vulcanizaation of EPDM.synthethic diene rubbers and natural rubber.
2. Form no secondary amines which can be converted to carcinogenic N-nitrosamines.
3. Highly soluble and dispersible in all conventional types of rubber,especially in EPDM,and is characterized by rapid vulcanization.
4. When optimum proportions are used,accelerator systems for NR demonstrate excellent reversion and heat aging resistance
5. With its excellent non-blooming and non-staining characteristics,its particularly suitable for colored,transparent or translucent compounds
6. Good processing safety the green compounds have a good shelflife