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Hindered Phenolic Antioxidant
Chemical Name 3, 9-bis([2-[3-(3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)propionyloxy]-1, l-dimethylethyl]-2, 4,8,
Chemical Formula /
Synonym Sumilizer AG 80
CAS NO  90498-90-1
Hindered Phenolic
1. It is a hindered phenolic antioxidant with low volatility and excellent resistance to gas fading.
2. Hindered phenol antioxidant agent is gradually taking the place of arylarmines to be the mainstream antioxidant anent because of better capability with polymers,low toxicity and low pollution.
3. Effectively protect polymers that are exposed to high temperatures and/or severe conditions during
processing and/or in use.Suitable for a variety of polymers,such as LDPE,ABS and PET,and it is particularly recommended for PP,HDPE,LLDPE,HIPS,PBT,POM,PA,PU and latex.
4. Synergy with phosphite antioxidant and macromolecule sulfur antioxidants will bring better anti-heat-aging performance.
The experiment of effects of hindered phenol additives NOX-80 on the vulcanization properties shows that:
·After the addition off hindered phenol,the t10 and t90 of the blend was increased,ML changed a little,MH
decreased,indicating that the modulus of blends decreased;
·The hardness and elasticity decreased,100% tensile stress and tensile elongation increased slightly and then
dereased,tensile strength and tear strength decreased;
·After 100℃ hot air aging 24h,the retention rate of tensile strength and elongation at break rate
improved,the property of hot air aging improved;
·In the zone of glass transition,tan5 increased;in the temperature range of 0℃ -80℃ ,damping
performance improved.