2.Vulcanization Agent

DTDM Alternative
Chemical Name 1, 1'-dithiobis [hexahydr
Chemical Formula C12H20N2o2S2
Synonym /
CAS NO  23847-08-7
DTDM Alternative
1.Non-nitrosamine environmental curing agent substituting DTDM
2.Sulfur donor,can partly or entirely substitutes sulfur,can be used in NR
3. Easy to disperse,safe to process.
4.The vulcanizate has excellent mechanical properties in anti heating,anti-aging and compression set.
5. No blooming,safe scorch,fast curing.
Application 1. Used as curing agent for EPDM,NR,SBR,NBR,etc
2. The best choice in making large rubber articles,and heat-resistance products,medical rubber products,colored tire,etc
3. Cable,wire,medical rubber plug…