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ETU Alternative
Chemical Name 80%3-methyl-thiazolidthione-2, 20% EPDM/EVM binder and dispersing agents
Chemical Formula /
同类Synonym Rhenogran MTT80
CAS NO  1908-87-8
ETU Alternative 1.This rubber accelerator can be used as anenvironmental-friendly substitute for ETU(Na-22)because it
generates no N-nitrosamine.
2. It has good physical properties and the anti-aging performance,also improved scorch performance and
safety of opeartion,and has the characteristics of fast curing.
3. This product is a kiind of thiazole ring compounds,containing active sulfur atom,cross-linking of polymers
containing halogen;especially can be used as efficient promoters of chloroprene rubber
Application 1.Especially effective in halogen-containing polymers,such as CR
2.It is recommended to be used in combination with HPCA,For ECO,HPCA-50 and MTT-80 can
be separately used or combined in TCY curing system as co-crosslinking active agent or secondary
accelerator,which can form a safe non-lead curing system
3.MTT-80 can replace ETU in sulfur-regulated CR;compared with ETU,MTT-80 performs better in processing safety and curing speed,and similar in mechanical properties,but with environmental friendly ensured
4.This product is easy to disperse,no pollution,no color,usually used in the manufacture of cable tape