7.Main base

Chemical Name +50% 50% tertiary amines active agent, 50%EPDM/EVM binder and dispersing agents
Chemical Formula /
Synonym /
Application 1.HPCA-50 is specially made for CR,HIIR,ECO,Co、CPE(CM)、CSM、AEM、ACM and other Halogen
containning rubber in curing active agent and antiaging system.In CR and HIIR-containing rubber,it can
replace MgO which is not easily dispersed,and keep rubber with good heat resistance;at the same time
balance the fast curing speed and processing safety;Combining with ZnO,ETU(poisoning),or MTT (non-
poisoning,replacing ETU)can improve the permanent compression set dramatically
2.HPCA-50 together with TCY can be used in ECO/CO,accelerating curing speed,and improving permanent
compression set,Likewise,they can be used in NBR/PVC.
3. This product is a kiind of thiazole ring compounds,containing active sulfur atom,cross-linking of polymers
containing halogen;especially can be used as efficient promoters of chloroprene rubber