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DPG Alternative
Chemical Name 6-bis(N, n-dibenzylthiocarbam oyldithiohexane
Chemical Formula C36H40N2s6v
Synonym Lanxess vu| curen KA9188
CAS NO  15190044-6
ETU Alternative 1. Environment-friendly,high-efficient,anti-reversion agent,producing no aniline,safer processing,longer scorch time.
2. Keep the vulcanizate maintain good physical property on over-curing or heat curing.
3. Make tires with improved durability under severe service conditions,less hardening of the tread due to aging and therefore more constant grip properties in wet and dry conditions.
Application 1.Used in NR,IR,SBR,BR and their blended ruhber;Recommended to be used with sulfur,accelerator(such as thiazole and sulfenamide in conventional and semi-efficient curing system),will form a stable and soft hybrid net structure,so as to improve the anti-aging performance,decrease the release of aniline during processing.
2.Used as the secondary accelerator replacing DPG,producing no cancerigenic aniline or nitrosamines.
3.It can be used in rubber,damping products,track pad,shoe industry,etc..