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New Sulfur Donor Accelerator
Chemical Name Diisopropyl xanthogen polysulphide
Chemical Formula /
Synonym Robac as-100
CAS NO  137398-54-0
New Sulfur Donor
1. If is a FDA approved vulcanization accelerator for use in NR,synthetic polyisoprene and NBR
2. The vulcanizaties obtained with disopropyl xanthogen polysulphide are transparent and free from copper staining
3. AC-100 also acts as a sulfur donor used in natural and synthetic rubber (including EPDM).
4. It is recommended for use as a primary and secondary accelerator in the presence of low levels of sulfur
5.AC-100 synergles most effectively with other accelerators particularly TBzTD,MBTS and TBBS other in the presence or absence of demental sulfur.
6. Can be used in low-temperature cure.
Application 1.AC-100 is widely used in NR,IR,NBR,EPDM,IIR,Latex and adhesion agent.
2. When used in molded products(such as NR and Synthetic Polyisprene),with sulfur 1.2-1.6phr,it is recommended to add AC-100 1.2-2.0 phr and TBzTD or MBT 0.2-0.4 phr.
3. In the sulphur donor cure system of heat-stable and low compression set vulcanizates(black filled NR,Polyisoprene and NBR),it is recommended to use AC-100 1.0-2.0 phr together with TMzTD 1.8-2.2 phr and TBBS 0.75-1.0 phr.
4. AC-100 can be used as an emulsion and bring the pre and post vulcanised NR latex with good physical properties.
5. In the application for Carboxylated nitrile latex,AC-100 is also recommended to be used as accelerator(emulsion),with dosage 1.0-1.2 phr.