APA-Scorch prevention agent

Environmental Friendly Special Retarder
Chemical Name n-phenyl-n-(Trichloromethylulfenyl)-benzolsulfonamide
Chemical Formula C13H10CI3NO2S2
Synonym Lanxess Vulkalent E/C
CAS NO  2280-49-1
Application 1. No color,no toxic,environmental friendly,applied for natural rubbers and Synthetic rubbers(including
2. Compared with traditional retarder,it can promote cure,and improve the cross-link density in
vulcanization,improve stretch strength and decrease permanent compression set,effectively extend the
scorch time without influencing curing speed and time.
3. Nitrosamine-free,can replace TMTD as the second accelerator in EPDM curing.
4. The property of no pollution and no colr change makes it suitable for light-colored products.